All About Minx Nails

Introducing Minx Nails

Improving your style includes all kinds of revamp: from head to toe, front and back, and side to side. You would not want to look shabby during a girls’ night out, right? Then you need to spice things up with hair and makeup make overs, accessories, and of course, glamming up your nails.

You can bring life to your nails with Minx Nails!

What exactly are Minx Nails?

Minx Nails are the wonderful creations of Minx, a fabulous company dedicated to the cause of providing you cosmetic products that will definitely show your flair. Marvelous designs await you as Minx Nails deliver a wonderful performance in coating the crowns of your fingers.

As its tagline goes, Minx extends fashion to your fingertips!

Minx offers patterns that compete with the most highly creative decorations, and they are critically recognized by established fashion designers such as Vivienne Eastwood, Alexander McQueen, and Thierry Mugler, just to name a few.

How to apply them?

You can easily and comfortably have the glamorous designs of Minx Nails on your own fingertips. Here are some tips on how to have your nails stylishly adorned:

  1. Make sure that your nails are freshly manicured.
  2. Warm your nails and the Minx Nails that bear your preferred size, shape, and design.
  3. While warming, peel the Minx coating from the backing sheet, and then gently apply the overlay.
  4. Put your nails away from the warmer and allow the layer to cool. Make sure to remove excess Minx coatings for a much more polished look.
  5. Put your nails under the warmers again. Using a soft cuticle pusher, make sure that the coating sticks perfectly to the nails.

There you have it. You own personalized Minx Nails coating!

Who uses Minx Nails?

Popular fashion icons have featured Minx Nails. Designers Gareth Pugh and Alice + Olivia have used Minx’s designs in some of their fashion shows. Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Rihanna are Minx coatings enthusiasts, too.

More importantly, anyone can get the same fashionable quality of Minx’s products!